Behind the scenes: What we’re building now

Since expanding our development team over the last couple of months, we’ve been working hard to build the new features you’ve all been asking for.  We thought you might like a sneak preview of what’s coming soon.

Recent additions

Here’s what we’ve added to the site over the last couple of weeks…

  • Inventions
    You can now add our new ‘Inventions’ stream to your family timeline to see big inventions from history alongside your own family story.  What was your family up to when the automobile was invented?
  • Questions
    We’ll send you questions about your family each week to help you fill the gaps in your timeline.
  • GEDCOM merge
    You can now merge any number of GEDCOM files into your Twile family tree to keep it up-to-date and to combine research from multiple members of your family.

Coming soon!

And here’s a couple of exciting features we’re working on right now…

  • FamilySearch Integration
    If you’re a FamilySearch user, you’ll soon be able to import your tree into Twile, which will automatically generate a timeline of your family history for you to share privately.  More details later this month!
  • New Streams
    Following the launch of our inventions stream, we’ve had so much feedback and many requests for different history topics. We are currently working on streams for the American Civil War and War of Independence.  If you have a specific request for a new history stream, please add a comment below or send us an email to help@twile.com

We will be posting more information soon!

7 thoughts on “Behind the scenes: What we’re building now”

  1. Will we ever be able to add audio or video to our Twile.com accounts? I would love to be able to add a voice to my family. I have lots of digital audio recordings of individuals giving talks, funerals, etc. Thank You! I love Twile and share information about it as often as I can. I know of at least 5 friends that have gotten accounts after I talked to them about it. We have so much fun showing each other our families and stories.

    1. Hi Alana, thanks for your lovely comments! Twile was designed to be a fun way of sharing and passing on family stories and it’s great to get feedback:-) The addition of audio and video is most certainly something that will come in the future. It is one of the bigger pieces of development work, so it’s likely that it won’t come this year, but it will be in our plans for 2017 for sure.

  2. I was going to add another GEDCOM but as a user of Family Search Family Tree I am wondering whether it is better to wait for the integration to be available.
    As the tree on Family Search can be updated I was wondering whether it will sync or whether you can only import part of it.

    1. Hi Hilary, we are expecting to launch the FamilySearch integration soon, but initially it won’t allow you to merge. We’d suggest that you import and merge your GEDCOM file for now and we will let you know when the FamilySearch merge is ready. I hope that is helpful? thanks

  3. Are you planning to develop a GEDCOM export? Your merge has proven handy in that I have been able to consolidate some efforts that I have been progressing across other sites. I would like to take a clean, merged Twile generated GEDCOM and replace trees on other sites. You may ask why I maintain multiple accounts with other family tree sites…practical answer is that ancestry.com has been good for building US based part of our tree. MyHeritage.com has been great for backfilling European part of our tree.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback – we’re really happy to hear that our new GEDCOM merge feature has been useful to you. We don’t currently have a GEDCOM export, but certainly hope to add one in the future. I’ll make sure to let you know when it’s available.

      I hope that the merged tree in Twile will make it easier for you to share your family history with the rest of the family?


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