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Your family in numbers – a free personalised infographic

We are delighted to share our new feature with you – a personalised digital family history infographic which you can create easily for free, to share with your family and friends.

Last week we posted an article about perspective in family history and the benefits of looking at things in a different way. Our new infographic takes this a step further and what’s more, we think it will appeal to everyone, whether genealogists or not!

What is an infographic?

Family History InfographicAn infographic is a colourful graphic made up of statistics, in this case numbers pulled from your family tree.

Whether you have imported your tree or manually created one in Twile, you can simply click a button to see it converted to an infographic. It displays information such as the average age of marriage, popular surnames and average family size. Fun right?

And we’ve designed it to be very easy to share with your family – you can quickly share your graphic on Facebook or Twitter, or download it to print or email it.

To celebrate the launch of this exciting feature, we are giving away a $200 Amazon gift card. Simply create your infographic at, share it and tag Twile on Facebook (@TwileTimeline) or Twitter (@TwileTweets) to enter the prize draw.

How to get your free infographic

  • Existing Twile customer? Simply click the ‘View infographic’ button at the top of your family tree in Twile.
  • New to Twile? Visit and we’ll send your infographic to you by email.


9 thoughts on “Your family in numbers – a free personalised infographic”

  1. If I am not a member and upload a gedcom file to generate an infographic, what happens to my data after the infographic is generated? Is it deleted?

    1. Hi Chris,

      We retain your tree data (e.g. from your GEDCOM file) for a short while to generate your infographic and to allow you to regenerate it in the future. It is stored on our secure servers, which are managed and protected by Microsoft. We will delete any data that hasn’t been used within a few months. If you would prefer we delete your data immediately after you’ve downloaded/shared your GEDCOM, just get in touch and let us know – we’ll be happy to remove it immediately.

  2. I would still like to print my timeline even if it is broken up into pages and then pieced together later. Why isn’t that possible now? Couldn’t I make a booklet or a pedigree chart out of my timeline?

  3. I signed on to Twile with my Family Search account and that created an infographic with my tree from Family Search which only contains 1 person…. I’ve since uploaded my full family tree GED to Twile and I would like an updated infographic but it keeps giving the original 1 person tree infographic. How do I update the infographic? Thanks!

  4. The infographic is great, I loved sharing it with my family and it was a fun, new way to look at our family history!! I do have a question, or maybe some input. The “popular surnames” section was interesting because it put several names that only show up once or twice in my family history, it was definitely not pulling the more popular names from my family tree. Is there a way to adjust that?

    1. Hi Jen,

      If you have imported your tree from FamilySearch, that may explain the issue you’re seeing. The FamilySearch import pulls in all of the family members you have added or edited on your FamilySearch tree – you may have a lot more people in your FamilySearch tree (with many more surnames), but we can’t pull in the whole tree (which is of course millions of people).

      There is a solution though – if you navigate up your Twile tree, you’ll come across ancestors marked “Click to load”. If you click those, Twile will load them and more of their family. In this way, you can import much more of your FamilySearch tree and your infographic will show more accurate statistics.

      Please get in touch if you need help with any of this.

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