The Poppy: Symbol of remembrance

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, World War One ended. Ever since that day, the countries of the Commonwealth have observed Remembrance Day, where we remember those in the armed forces who have died in the line of duty. Since 1921, we have used the poppy as a memorial symbol for soldiers who have died in conflict… a resilient flower which flourishes in the middle of chaos and destruction.

The Poppy Appeal is the Royal British Legion‘s biggest fundraising campaign, held throughout this period of remembrance. The first appeal, held in 1921, saw funds from the sale of red silk poppies help World War 1 veterans find housing and employment after the war and it continues to help the new generation of veterans needing support. The Flanders Poppy was first described as the ‘Flower of Remembrance’ by Colonel John McCrae who wrote the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ which is one of the most popular and quoted poems of the war.

I remember being shown a photo of a young man in uniform man by my Nana when I was very young. He had died in the First World War. I gave it a mere glance, not really understanding the concept or impact of war or the story that she was trying to tell me. I now have no idea who that man was or my relationship to him.  What did he do in the war? What sort of life did he leave behind?  When was he drafted to the front line?

Today I laid a poppy for my anonymous ancestor on Findmypast’s Remember Your Heroes website. I have also bought a poppy and my daughter was able to buy a remembrance poppy bracelet at school, showing that everyone can contribute to the poppy appeal.

If you haven’t yet bought a poppy, you may wish to make a donation directly to the Royal British Legion.


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Vote for Twile in Pitch@Palace

You may be aware that we are in the running for the ‘People’s Choice’ Award at the Pitch@Palace event on Wednesday 2nd November. There is still time to vote!

If you haven’t yet voted, we’d really appreciate 60 seconds of your time.  You just need to click the ‘Vote Now’ button here:

We are so excited to be part of this.  Pitch@Palace is organised by Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, to help showcase promising young businesses in the UK.  The People’s Choice award is your opportunity to show your support for Twile and help us raise awareness of innovation in the family history industry.

Thanks for your support.

Presenting Twile to The Duke Of York

We were honoured to have been selected to present Twile to HRH The Duke of York in Sheffield this week, as part of Pitch@Palace On Tour.

Sheffield is where our journey began, in the first Dotforge Accelerator in 2013.  We are the only remaining startup from that first cohort, but we’re extremely proud to have got this far.

What is Pitch@Palace?

Pitch@Palace offers startups the chance to showcase their products in front of a global audience of influencers, including investors, press, industry leaders and other entrepreneurs. We have written previously about how difficult it has been to raise big investment and raise our profile in the Yorkshire tech community – so we were delighted to have had this opportunity.

Our CEO and Co-founder Paul Brooks had 3 minutes to show how awesome Twile is, before a few hours of networking and discussion.

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(Image: Dan Taylor, Heisenberg Media)

New Milestone Types: Military and Legal & Justice

We’ve just added a number of new milestone types to Twile, including two new categories: “Military” and “Legal & Justice”.

Milestones are events that you can add to your family timeline to tell the story of each person’s life.  Most people on your family tree will have key events like birth and marriage, but adding more detail can help you and the rest of your family understand what their life was really like.

Now you can add military milestones – such as conscription, awards or even court-martial – and legal milestones – such as arrest, sentencing and execution! We’ve also added a few extra milestones into other categories, such as wedding anniversary and blessing.

To add a milestone to your timeline:

  1. Login or register for Twile at
  2. Click the ‘Add’ button at the top of your timeline
  3. Click ‘Add milestone’
  4. Choose the type of milestone you’d like to add
  5. Choose the person you’re adding the milestone for, enter the date and other details
  6. Click the ‘Add’ button to save the new event

Watch our video for an overview:

All of the new milestones we’ve added have been requests and suggestions from our customers, so please keep those ideas coming – you can add a comment to this blog post or send us an email to