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A Twile account for the WHOLE family (plus two more Twile features)

We’re really excited to tell you about three features we’ve added to Twile this week, including a new Twile Family subscription.

One of the things we’re most proud of at Twile is how much of the website has been shaped directly by the ideas and suggestions of our customers.  We try to make it as easy as possible for you to reach out to us when you have something to say.

Here are some of the new additions that have resulted from this feedback, including conversations with the 1000s of people that we met during our week at RootsTech 2016…

1. Twile Family subscription

Our mission at Twile is to get the whole family exploring and contributing to their family history.  Our brand new Twile Family subscription makes it a lot easier for everyone in the family to view and contribute to a Twile timeline.

For £74.99 ($124.99) per year, you can enable every (yes every single living) person on your family tree to add unlimited events and photos to your family timeline, without having to pay for a Twile subscription of their own.  With Twile Family they will be able to explore the timeline you’ve built and add their own photos and events to tell the story of their own lives and extend your timeline further.

This is particularly beneficial for younger members of the family who might not be able to afford a personal subscription or those who will contribute less often, but still have a story to tell.

To sign up for Twile Family, visit our pricing page at  If you already have a Twile Premium subscription and wish to upgrade to Twile Family, please get in touch with us and we’ll arrange that for you – just email us at

2. Who else was there?

One of the best things about Twile is that every person on your family tree has an individual timeline of their life – click through from the tree to see their story from the day they were born.

When you add a milestone (such as a birth or marriage) for someone, it gets added to their individual timeline, but there are often other people involved – who was present at their birth, who attended their wedding?

Adding people to an eventWe’ve now made it possible to add other people to these milestones.  Just click into the event and tick the family members that were there.  This helps you record more of the detail for each event, while also making sure they show on the timelines of everyone that was involved.

3. Choose the photos that show on your timeline

When you add photos to an event, Twile automatically chooses a few of those pictures as the ‘cover photos’ that show when you’re scrolling through your timeline.  A lot of customers have asked for the ability to control which photos are selected.Choosing cover photos on Twile

Now, when you open an event, you can click the star in the top-left corner of any photo to have that image included in the story when it’s shown on the timeline.  This gives you even more control over how your timeline looks.

Coming soon…

We’re working on new features for Twile all of the time – keep any eye out for big improvements to how events are displayed, new milestone types and a much faster Twile experience.

2 thoughts on “A Twile account for the WHOLE family (plus two more Twile features)”

  1. What happens to the data if a subscription expires or is terminated?
    If other family members have added data, will they still have R/W access?
    Who owns the original and the added data which may not have been verified or proven.
    Does the gedcom REPLACE option now work? I cannot test as my trial has finished and I now only have a FREE account.

    1. Hi Michael,

      When a subscription expires or you choose not to renew, everything you (or your family) have added will remain on your timeline forever. This is really important to us, as the whole point of Twile is to help you preserve memories, for now and for future generations. Anyone you invite to your tree will be able to access your content. Does that help?

      Regarding GEDCOM, yes you can now choose to either overwrite or merge into your tree when you import a new GEDCOM. Click the ‘Import family tree’ button at the top of the tree to try it – this does require a Twile Premium subscription though.

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