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Adding words and documents to your photos

A good storyteller uses words and images to make their story interesting. By adding photos (old or new) into Twile, you capture each moment and help to piece together the story of your family history.

Quite often though, when looking through photos, we wonder who was there, where it was taken, why it was taken? This is where words become so important. Without them, family stories can become distorted over time and important details are lost.

To help you tell your stories, we’ve added a feature that lets you include words and documents (such as birth/marriage certificates, census records, etc.) to each event.

Click here to go to your timeline

  1. Click on an event on your timeline
  2. Beneath the ‘Add something’ title, click ‘Words’ to add a comment/memory.
  3. Click ‘Document’ to upload a document in JPEG or PNG format (we’ll be adding support for PDFs soon)

We’d love to hear what you think of these new additions.  Please get in touch at any time by emailing us at


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