Twile Integrates with FamilySearch

OK, so this is exciting! Today we have launched our FamilySearch integration, which lets you import your FamilySearch tree into Twile to automatically create a rich, visual timeline of your family history.

Twile now connects securely to FamilySearch to import your tree and generate a timeline, made up of key milestones such as births and marriages – onto which you can add photos and more recent events to bring it to life.

The integration means that – for the first time – FamilySearch customers can now share their research privately with other family members. The family’s non-genealogists can then explore their ancestry through milestones, stories and pictures – and add content of their own, such as their own life events and recent photos. Families can start to collaboratively record not just the past, but the present and future too.

We have been working on the integration since our success at RootsTech earlier this year. It’s taken some time to build, but we have a passionate community of FamilySearch users who have waited patiently while we built it. Some of our users have helped to test it over the last few weeks, so a huge thank-you to them. We’re delighted that it is now here and ready for you to use!

In a press release issued today, Steve Rockwood, FamilySearch CEO said “FamilySearch is always looking for fun, engaging experiences that help our patrons make new personal discoveries and family connections. Twile’s rich, custom timeline of key family history events does exactly that!”

We are delighted to be working with FamilySearch and we will soon be adding support for FamilySearch’s memories and photos, plus an automatic synchronisation that will keep the Twile timeline up to date as FamilySearch records change.

If you are a new FamilySearch user, simply register for Twile at to start your free trial – plus, our new Twile Free package allows you to add up to 10 events and 10 photos every month with no subscription fee.

7 thoughts on “Twile Integrates with FamilySearch”

  1. I need to erase my tree on Twile. I see no place to delete a person/tree. I screwed it up working late at night. I want to import into Twile a tree I have on Family search. What can I do?
    Love what you are doing.

  2. Is there any way for one user to create multiple trees that are separate from one another? I understand a new tree can be merged into an existing one, but this can often create big problems by getting inaccurate information mixed in with that which is correct. Genealogy 101 taught me that merges are to be done with the utmost caution.

  3. I am also on Family Tree and want to add my tree to your website but have to fix it first Can you help me? Thank you Punky Barden I am a free holder on the other gen websites too

    1. When you say you need to “fix” your tree first – can you clarify what you mean? Twile is a visualisation tool, but that typically requires the tree to be in a stable format before it can be imported.

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