Do you ‘overshare’ photos of your children online?

It’s so easy nowadays to share photos of our children and grandchildren online – with the ability to almost instantly post photos in places like Facebook and Instagram, it’s worth thinking about who can see them and what the longer-term implications might be.

We recently read a study by Nominet, which reports some interesting and thought provoking figures. Their poll of 2,000 parents reveals that:

  • The average parent shares 1,500 photos of their child before their 5th birthday!
  • Less than a quarter of parents knew how to find and amend privacy settings online.
  • On average parents upload a picture of someone else’s child nearly 30 times a year.
  • The top 3 destinations for sharing are Facebook (54%), Instagram (16%) and Twitter (12%).

This got me thinking.  Do I know where to find and amend privacy settings in my online accounts?  I’m not sure that I do.  We’ve spoken to a lot of parents over the years who complained that privacy settings on sites like Facebook are not intuitive or transparent.

Also, how many times have my friends and family members uploaded photos of my children without me knowing, from events like birthday parties and school plays?  Do those people know how to control their privacy settings?

It seems to me that there are some important things to consider when sharing photos online:

  1. When did you last review your social media settings? Here’s how to do it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Remember that when you post a photo of your child, you could be inadvertently posting a photo of another child and their location.
  3. Photos you post now may be online forever.  Will your children appreciate the stream of embarrassing photos when they’re in their twenties?
  4. Why are you posting the photos to a social network? If you want to share with family or record a child’s life, a Twile family timeline might be a better choice – everything on Twile is private by default (so only visible to your family) and it creates a meaningful timeline of each person’s life

3 thoughts on “Do you ‘overshare’ photos of your children online?”

  1. Two Questions
    1. Can we have more than one timeline at TWILE? I want to put up my father’s lineage separate from my comprehensive lineage?

    2. How can I delete my current tree? I want to start over with inserting a Gedcom since I put a branch in the wrong place. Now the numbering is wrong and and I am listed as # when I should be #1. How can I delete a person?

    1. Hi Launa,

      We don’t support multiple timelines in Twile, though this is something we are planning for the future. We are, however, shortly adding ‘groups’ functionality, which will allow you to view timelines for separate branches of the tree – so you would be able to view a timeline for just your father’s lineage, for example.

      Re. deleting your tree, you can overwrite your tree with a new GEDCOM file. When you import a GEDCOM (via the ‘Import family tree’ button on the Twile tree) you will be asked if you want to merge the file into your tree or overwrite the existing tree. Choose the latter option and you’ll have a new tree from the GEDCOM file.

      Hope this helps. If we can help further with any of these issues, please email us at help@twile.com or click the ‘Talk to us’ button on the website.

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