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The technical challenges of running a growing startup

While we are constantly trying to add new features to your Twile timeline and family tree, I thought it might be useful to give some insight into how much time is spent simply ensuring Twile runs smoothly behind the scenes.

One of the things we love about building Twile is the close relationship we have with our customers.  We have always actively encouraged our customers to give us their feedback and reach out when we can help in any way.  And our customers clearly appreciate this level of conversation – something they very rarely get from other online brands.

The feedback we receive makes it much easier for us to build the features that customers want to use.  Pretty much everything we add into Twile has been directly or indirectly requested by our users.

Unfortunately, there is also a large amount of development work needed that doesn’t lead to shiny new features.  As Twile has grown (we’ve been around for nearly four years now), we’ve had to adapt many technical aspects of Twile to accommodate the requirements of our audience.  Who knew you guys could have 50,000 people on a family tree?!

And as we add new features to the app, we have to review its look-and-feel and layout, to make sure it still has the minimalist simplicity that our customers have told us they love.

Fortunately, we have a great team of developers who are experts in all of the above.  Every single piece of Twile that you either can or can’t see has been designed and built internally by Twile’s own developers.  We’re very proud of them 🙂

So, please keep your suggestions coming – we love to hear your feedback and we take on board every idea or request you send our way.  We have to spend a lot of our time maintaining the existing features and keeping Twile running smoothly, but we’re also working as hard as we can to add all of the features you’re hoping for.

And we have some very big features coming soon!

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Paul Brooks

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4 thoughts on “The technical challenges of running a growing startup”

  1. Hi!

    I became familiar with Twile at roots Tech 17. However, I have one question. Will this solve my problem of having to enter a timeline item in each of the people tagged in the item? For example, If I create a timeline item for me that also involves my wife, does the item also have to be separately created on her timeline? Or can I tag the item for each person involved in the timeline item?

    1. Hi Peter, when you create a milestone/story in your timeline and ‘tag’ other members of your family, it will automatically show this milestone/story on their timeline too. So no need for duplication. I hope this helps!

  2. Can’t wait to see what’s next, and yes, I do appreciate the conversations. It does make you stand out from the rest.

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