Emmanuel Macron

Timeline of French Presidents

As Emmanuel Macron prepares to assume the French Presidency on the 14th May, we have launched our new timeline of French Presidents.

If your family has French heritage, find out more about what was happening in the world of politics around them. What influenced their life choices and the direction that your ancestors took?

From Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, who was the first Head of State of France to LouisNapoleonBonapartehold the title of President,  to Albert Lebrun who was the last President of the Third Republic and Charles de Gaulle who was a dominant figure during the war years, our timeline gives an insight into the volatile nature of politics in France and will give some context to your family story.

Take a look at our timeline of French Presidents at:


To add French presidents to your family timeline…

  • Click the ‘In View’ button at the top of your timeline
  • Move the ‘French Presidents’ slider on the right hand side to choose ‘Key’ or ‘All’ events
  • Click ‘Done’

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We are going to be adding more streams soon. If you have a suggestion, please contact us at help@twile.com 


Cover photo licensed by the French Government under Creative Commons

2 thoughts on “Timeline of French Presidents”

  1. The timeline of French presidents is historically fascinating and it (or parts of it) would probably be of value in some people’s Twile line. I think the dates could be profitably done in a darker font.
    For my part, some Australian historical events would be great to help my children and grand-children see their ancestors from a new perspective. I suppose I could simply add a few such events myself, couldn’t I.
    The whole Twile program is great. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kendall, thanks for the feedback! We will add Australian historical events to our list:-)

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