Add an alias or known as name

Add alias or “known as” names to your family tree

You probably have at least one person on your Twile family tree who was (or is) known by a name different to their given name.  For example, my grandmother was given the name Dorothy as a child, but was known as Joan all of her life.

Previously, there was no way to enter these “known as” names in Twile, but we’ve now filled that gap.

To add an alias name for somebody on your Twile family tree:

  1. Move your mouse over them on the tree
  2. Click ‘Profile’
  3. Click on their name (near the top)
  4. Enter a value in the “known as” field, alongside their first name
  5. Click ‘Save’
  6. Now their alias name will be displayed anywhere you see that person in the tree or timeline

This has always been a much-requested feature in Twile, so we’re really glad to finally have it in there for you.  Please add a comment below to let us know what you think.

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Paul Brooks

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4 thoughts on “Add alias or “known as” names to your family tree”

  1. At first sight this seems to be a good idea. However, it does not work as I would have expected it. Many people are known by their middle name but the timeline only shows first name. My ancestor Margaret Molly Dear was always known as Molly so I added Known As Molly to her profile. What did it do? It changed her name to Molly Molly Dear! Not what I wanted or expected so I had to remove the Known As to get back to what it originally was.

    1. I found the same issue. Relative named Gerold Lee was known as “Jay Lee”, but when I put it in as a known as, it came out Jay Lee Lee. It eliminated his correct given name instead of leaving both names . I changed it back.

  2. Just tried it with my grandmother Marguerite Martha Hofmeister. Have the same problem. Would have liked either the name on the timeline (not the tree) being replaced with Martha, or Marguerite Martha Hofmeister, known as Martha, or alternatively Marguerite Martha Hofmeister (Martha). As it stands the idea is great, but needs tweaking to make it useful.

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback, Chrissy – really helpful. We’ll be making more changes to this feature as we progress, so hopefully we can build in your suggestions.

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