Upload documents to a timeline event

Add PDF documents to your milestones

One of the most-requested features for Twile is the ability to attach PDF versions of documents to milestones – the wait is over as we’ve added that feature today.

For a while, you’ve been able to add documents as JPEG photo files to timeline events, but no other formats were supported. ¬†As of today, you can also upload PDF files.

You could add wedding, birth or death certificates to family milestones, newspaper clippings, wedding invitations, cruise tickets or anything else that will help to tell the story of your family history.

To upload a document:

  1. Open an event on your timeline by clicking on it
  2. In the ‘Add something’ section, click ‘Document’
  3. Select a PDF or JPEG file from your computer
  4. That’s it
  5. You can also add comments to the document if you want to include notes or other details

Documents in a Twile event

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  1. Hi! I can’t find anywhere to reach a person to ask a question. For about 10 minutes I’ve been trying to find a way to delete an account. For some reason, my gedcom uploaded entirely “tangled up” and every single date and person is mixed up (for example I have my husband’s birthday, and my kids dates are way off!), although it’s completely fine in other software and on Ancestry. I don’t want to try to fix it one person at a time, I’d rather delete the whole thing and try again. Where do I figure out how that is done?

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