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Your family history timeline

Build your family tree and create a rich, visual timeline of your family history.

Add photos, people, notes and maps and then share it all with the rest of your family.

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1Build your family tree

Add some details about yourself and your close family or import a family tree if you have one

2Explore your timeline

Within seconds your timeline is built and already contains the first big moments

3Add events & photos

Add unlimited events and photos to tell the story of your life, your close family and what you know of your ancestors

4Share with your family

Invite your family to explore the timeline and add their own parts of the story

Totally private by default

Your tree and timeline are only ever shared with you and your family

Tell your own part of the story

It's so simple to add the big milestones - birth, marriage, graduation - and to add a few of your favourite photos, building an amazing record of your life so far. Nobody can tell your story like you can - tell it now for your children and grandchildren to explore in years to come.

Capture the big (and small) moments from today

Twile is the perfect place for your whole family to collaborate by sharing photos, memories and events onto a single timeline - a permanent and ever-growing record of everything that has happened in your family.

Bring your family history to life

Not everyone in your family is interested in looking through a family tree or digging through birth certificates and census records. Twile helps you make your family history more engaging and accessible by presenting your ancestors' lives and photos on the same timeline as everything that's happened since.

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Winner of 2 innovation awards at RootsTech 2016

"You have renewed my enthusiasm for genealogy after 30 years - my grandchildren thank you!"

Linda, United States

"Seeing my grandparents' lives on the same timeline as my grandchildren is simply amazing"

Christine, United Kingdom

"My favorite thing about Twile is the ability to make a timeline of each of my kids with dates and pictures"

Beth, United States

"It's the best way I've found of pulling together all of the photos from the family"

Ian, United Kingdom